Features to Increase Entry Door Security

Entry Door Security
Entry door security is a high priority for any homeowner. Security features that can increase the safety of your family and property are always worth an investment.

It doesn’t take much to break through an entry door which has few security features. Often it is just a few short screws and a low-grade wood frame keeping your home safe. What are the security features to increase your entry door security? There are plenty from which to choose, and you can install them yourself or get a qualified contractor to do the work.

Included on any list of features to increase entry door security is:

  • New jamb and lock solutions
  • A new entry door may be the best answer
  • There are many new locks to install
  • Technology is worth the investment

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Modern jamb and lock solutions

The chances are that your existing lock came with the door. The quality may be fine, but it may not keep an intruder at bay. Often a good kick or a little pressure applied in the right spot can break the lock away from the door jamb.

Invest in a lock that has a long bolt, and a jamb reinforcing plate to take it. You will need long screws to hold the lock and the strike plates in place. Check the screws which come with the new lock and replace them with longer ones, if needed.

You should be able to source a set which includes a lock and reinforcing plate for installing at the same time.

A new entry door may be the best answer

When looking at the lock, take a good look at the entry door too. The frame is another weak spot for security so examine all of your options here.

Often a glass door offers a lot of light but less when it comes to security. Some older wooden doors become weak over time and can be an easy point of intrusion. Even the fiberglass door from ten years ago might not match the security strengths of today’s versions.

It is a good idea to replace your entry door from time to time. If the door was in place before you bought the property, then it definitely needs examining.

If you need some help evaluating your door, we’re happy to visit and help advise you on what is best for your home.

There are many new locks to install

The standard, one-bolt entry door lock is a thing of the past. It will not give you a high level of security, and the chances are that it can be quickly and easily overcome. Many older locks can open fairly easily with a bump key too.

Entry door lock quality is always improving. Two, three, and even four bolt locks are now common in most doors. The manufacturing quality is far beyond what was the top standard available a few years ago.

You can install a lock which only opens from the inside and is very difficult to break. People use these on the garage for exiting and entering, and it is easier to secure.

Pay a visit to our showroom or your local locksmith and take a look at what is available.

Technology is worth the investment

Technology is bringing many improvements to entry door security. This includes modern improvements to door construction such as heavy duty stiles and adjustable strike plates.

It also includes features you can add to deter break-ins. You can now see who is at the door on your smartphone. It is possible to control entry and monitor who comes and goes to the house.

Seeing that you have such technology in place is often enough to deter the bad guys.

Investing in technology is a worthwhile addition to home security.



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