Tips for Proper Window Screen Care and Maintenance

Window Screen Care

Proper window screen care and maintenance is essential. If you want the window screen to work, and want to maintain a clean view to the outdoors, a bit of maintenance is required. Neglecting screen maintenance will not only make them look bad, they’ll wear out more quickly and require replacement.

Here are a few easy care tips to make sure you get the most out of your window screens.

Remove and store screens in the winter

It’s unlikely you’ll be opening your windows much in the winter, and you can reserve your screen life by sparing them from the elements. If possible, take the window screens off the windows for the winter and store them for the winter.

Before storing your screens, it a good idea to give them a good cleaning while the weather is still nice. It can save you the uncertainty of doing it in the spring and leave them clean while stored in your home.

Speaking of cleaning, let’s move on to that step.

How to clean your screens

For cleaning your screens, you’re going to need a few basic cleaning items.

  • Mild soap
  • A very soft-bristled brush
  • A garden hose
  • A soft towel

To start, remove your screen and use your brush to gently remove any dirt, insect or other debris. Follow this by spraying with the hose on low to moderate pressure. If desired, you can gently scrub with a soap and water solution using your soft-bristled brush. Rinse again and then gently dry, as needed, with your towel or let air dry.

Do not use a pressure washer or vacuum cleaner

It may look like an easier way to do the work but avoid using a vacuum cleaner or power washer. The force of the water create holes or large tears through the wire mesh of the screen. With a vacuum cleaner, you may put a hole in the screen, pull it away from the sides of the frame or cause fraying of the screen material.

Power washers are for walls, patios, and windows, do not use them on the softer mesh of the screens. By performing an annual cleaning it should be easy to remove any dirt and debris without the need for any force.

Repair any small holes immediately

A hole or small tear in the mesh can quickly spread across the window screen. Any hole bigger than the small ones of the mesh will allow insects to pass through your screen. Since you’d rather keep these outside, you should try not to delay screen repairs.

Buy a patch kit from a hardware store or the supplier of the screen. Follow the instructions on the box for doing the repair work.  If the hole is too big, more than the size of a nickel, you should consider replacing the screen.

Repeat once or twice annually

That’s all there is to caring for your window screens. Complete this process once or twice per year and you’ll keep your screens looking, and performing, as they were intended.



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