Four Tips For Securing Your Windows

Window Security

Securing your windows is one of the best ways to maintain the safety of your home. Even if you have a security system, there are a number of things you can do to make entry more difficult and further secure your home.

Our experience teaches us that prevention is generally the best cure. Securing your windows will stop the bad guys from targeting your home and a few precautionary steps can make a big difference. The investment you make in securing your windows will pay off in peace of mind and a safe home.

To help get you thinking and acting on securing your windows, here are a few simple tips.

  • Install window locks and use them for securing your windows
  • Upgrade your window glass
  • Invest in lock status sensors
  • Grow some prickly bushes


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Install window locks for window security

It might surprise you to learn how many windows do not have window locks. Even more common are those who have them but do not use their locks.

If your windows do not have locks, invest in quality ones and get them properly installed. When purchasing new windows, always ask for locks to be fitted to the windows before installation.

Window locks can make a huge difference. They make it very difficult for an intruder to quietly breach your windows. Quality three, or even four-point locks make for a very secure home. Pin locks can be an additional safety feature to ensure ground floor windows cannot be raised.

There are ways to secure the windows against that happening too.

Upgrade your window glass

There are a number of glass upgrades that can help improve safety and security.

Tempered, or safety, glass is very durable and difficult to break. It can be up to four times stronger than regular glass. Laminated glass is also more durable than regular glass and is more difficult to shatter. It holds together in a sheet. Impact-resistant glass may be the toughest of all. It meets hurricane standards and combines tempered and laminated features.

If you have already installed your windows, take a look at security window film. This easy-to-apply transparent film will make your windows difficult to break. It can also stop the glass from breaking into dangerous pieces to prevent injury.

Consider lock sensors for your windows

Modern technology has some great solutions you can use to improve security. For example, Marvin’s lock status sensors are a great new tool to enhance your home security.

The sensor can be connected directly to your security system and alert you when a window is opened. Having a camera on the windows will help you see what is happening. Sensors will also activate if the window is attacked or an attempt is made on your home. Window sensors can be installed on all windows and doors.

They are simple devices but can make a huge difference.

Grow some prickly bushes

Thorny bushes in front of the windows is a simple but effective way to deter entry. Nobody likes trying to get through a prickly bush, and the thicker, the better for securing your windows.

When placed in strategic locations around your home, the right type of bushes can be surprisingly effective. In addition to discomfort, they can also be an obstruction to the placement of climbing assistance for a burglar.

Combine high and low tech

A good combination of nature and technology can be very effective in securing your windows. While a determined intruder can likely gain entry, making it a tough job can often drive them toward easier options. The more difficult your home is to enter, the greater the likelihood they won’t even try.



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