ViWinTech Windows and Doors are ENERGY STAR Compliant

ViWinTech is an ENERGY STAR partner and meets or exceeds the strict test requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Qualifying Products

  1. We comply with current ENERGY STAR Eligibility Criteria, which define performance requirements and test procedures for residential windows, doors, and skylights. A list of eligible products and their corresponding Eligibility Criteria can be found at


  1. Prior to associating the ENERGY STAR name or mark with any product, obtain certification from National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a Certification Body recognized by EPA for residential windows, doors, and skylights. As part of this certification process, products must be tested in a laboratory recognized by EPA to perform residential windows, doors, and skylight testing. A list of EPA-recognized laboratories and Certification Bodies can be found at


Emax and Advanced Emax

For maximum energy efficiency, savings and comfort, ViWinTech offers optional Emax LoĒ² glass and Advanced Emax LoĒ³ glass on all our window and door lines. These coatings utilize a specially formulated invisible coating that is bonded to the interior surface of the insulating glass unit. This coating actually blocks long wave (heat) radiation by reflecting it back to its source. An additional option is to select Argon fill. Argon is an inert gas that provides additional insulating value to help slow down the transfer of heat from the outside in the summer or inside in the winter.


A Clear Choice

By combining warm edge technology with our advanced LoĒ coatings and Argon, your windows are able to resist moisture from condensation. And less moisture means less potential for mold and mildew around your windows. These advances in glass technology and spacer systems offer you a clearer view to your world. A better insulating value (R-value/U-value) is realized when using either Emax, Advanced Emax and Argon.


* All ViWinTech windows and doors are ENERGY STAR compliant when using the proper configuration of LoĒ and Argon.

We reserve the right to change the products and/or specifications at any time without notice. ViWinTech assumes no responsibility for use of outdated printed matter.


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