Commercial Window Projects

We have a dedicated commercial, architectural and historical window sales specialist who is committed to making your commercial project as smooth as possible. Working with our manufacturers, we start the process early on through collaboration with architects, facilities managers and general contractors. Our services include full project evaluation, measurements and quotation, review of products and options, navigating regulatory guidelines, discussing window specifications with local historic commissions and attendance at field testing. We offer the best project-based solutions and work with all participants to achieve excellent performance and historical accuracy.

Additional Project Resources

  • Architectural Project Managers – These professionals have strong relationships with historic field professionals and a deep knowledge of historic buildings, providing an ideal support system for window and door projects.
  • Architectural Project Coordinators – Project coordinators work out of the manufacturing facility for every historic project, regardless of complexity, to provide support services from consultation to prototype creation.
  • Signature Commercial Services – Signature Services creates a customized plan for each project, with guidance from the architectural project coordinator, taking each one from concept to creation.
  • Rapid Prototyping – Our manufacturer offers in-house rapid prototyping services to prepare materials that aid in a quicker historic committee approval process.

Working with some of the industry leading brands in commercial and architectural windows and doors, we have the ability to customize just about any aspect of the construction to meet your specific requirements. Working with our contractor partners, we’ve completed some of the larger and more complex projects in the Quad City area and are ready to support any size of project for you.


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