4 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Old Windows

One thing in your home you can’t afford to have is faulty windows. Windows aren’t just there to look outside. They can impact your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and overall aesthetics. Here are some reasons why you should consider window replacement as soon as possible.

1. Safety

Old windows are an easy point for a potential burglar to break in. They could either break in through a crack in the glass or by taking a window out of its pane. That’s why it’s best to have the most updated, secure windows possible to keep you and your family safe.

2. Energy Efficiency

You may have heard the term energy efficiency a lot over the years. Saving energy is vital. Not only to the environment but also to your home’s comfort and utility bill savings. Newer windows come with more advanced technology built to minimize heat transfers. To minimize heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the window, the space between glazing layers, usually about 1/2″, is filled with argon or krypton gas, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You won’t find such technology on your older windows. You can further make your window replacement greener by adding a tint to keep out UV rays.

3. Noise Pollution

Are you tired of feeling like you can hear everyone’s conversation as they pass by on the street? Does the constant loud sound of construction permeate your home? Unfortunately, this is common if you live in a busy area with old windows. A modern window replacement can help keep out this noise pollution. You can then enjoy a peaceful sleep and only listen to conversations that you have inside your home.

4. More Home Value

Needless to say, a modern and energy-efficient window update can increase your property value. Attract potential buyers with any upgrades, such as modern windows that can keep out noise and UV rays, and help you save on energy bills. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, you can benefit from the extra equity a window replacement can bring.

There are many benefits to having updated windows in your home. From security to energy efficiency, scheduling an upgrade can pay off in more ways than one. Contact our local window contractors today at Seiffert Window Center for assistance.


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