Paying for Your Window Replacement Project

Window Project Financing

How do you pay for your window replacement? It may seem an obvious question, yet one not everyone asks when considering a window replacement project. Often people do not take on replacing their windows as they assume it is too expensive. Other times people may go for the cheapest alternative and hope for the best.

We do a lot of window replacement projects and see a variety of ways that homeowners account for the cost. While paying for the work is not a small part of the project, there are some options. Get it right, and you will be off to a great beginning.

A few things to help in your project financial planning are:

  • Plan ahead for your window replacement project
  • Get an accurate project estimate
  • Consider financing options
  • Do your project in phases


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Plan ahead for your window replacement project

If you plan ahead you’re likely to end up with a final cost that is closer to your expectations. There are a number of ways to make sure the project doesn’t blow your planned budget out of the water. Here are a few key points.

  • Get an in-home consultation rather than just ordering based on size
  • Have your contractor evaluate potential damage areas around your windows
  • Get your windows installed by a professional


Planning the project correctly will help when paying for it.

Get an Accurate Project Estimate

Do not go into paying for the new windows with your eyes closed. There are many tools to help with the planning and the paying of your new windows. Use all the professional help you can get and think about what you are doing.

Our Window Replacement Calculator is not the same as an actual quote but it’s a good place to begin planning the project. It is simple to use, and you can play around with alternatives to get a good idea of cost comparisons.

Consider financing options

When you have your windows chosen and a professional contractor in place, financing may be something to consider. Whether big or small, your project might be more easily handled using a loan.

If you have a trusted lender, ask them for their options. They will go through the project costs and compare them with your finances. The bank will talk to you about financing options and give you great advice on how to plan the project.

If needed, we also have lending options through our financing partner is LightStream, a part of Sun Trust Bank. They are an experienced provider of financial packages for home improvement projects. It’s a nice option if you need it.

Do your project in phases

It’s pretty common for homeowners to break their window replacement project into different phases. This can help not only with the cost but also with length of the project.

We frequently see people do a few rooms at a time or even divide the project by floors. Whatever helps you make the project more manageable can be helpful and we’re happy to work with your needs.



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