Why Summer Is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

Summer Window Replacement

Is there a better time to improve your home than the summer? With all that good weather and plenty of long working days, you should get many jobs done around the house. It is undoubtedly a great time to upgrade your home’s windows too.

If you have not thought about a window upgrade in the summer, give it some thought. While upgrading your windows is a big job, it need not be an inconvenient one. By planning the work properly and choosing your contractors well, you can get the upgrade done quickly.

A few reasons why summer is a great time to upgrade your home’s windows are:

  • Good weather for the external work
  • Get ready early for the winter
  • Plenty of daylight
  • Things dry faster
  • Maximize your AC


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Good weather for the external work

A windows upgrade involves taking out the old windows before replacement. Even with careful contractors, your home will be open to the elements some of the time. Your contractors know that they can tackle your project with more confidence in what mother nature will throw at them.

Just about every contractor prefers to do external project work in the summer. Sure, rain and wind can still show up but extreme cold and snow are not a concern. They can get to work with less concern for extreme foul weather.

Get ready early for the winter

You know what it’s like in the winter, running the home heating, but the windows keep letting you down. Old windows often let in cold air and moisture and do not hold in the warmth of a room.

Upgrading the windows before winter is upon you is a good plan. By doing the work in the summer, you will get all the benefits for the cold months. Your new leak-proof, double or triple glazed windows will keep the heat in and the cold out.

Getting the home ready for the winter will bring down your utility bills, saving you money.

Plenty of daylight to work with

The summer has all that great weather, but it also has long, sunny days. Your contractors can work from the early morning until late evening, making the most of the daylight. When you get the contractors on-site, the longer they’re able to work the sooner they can finish your project.

Often a contractor hits a problem when they remove an old window. They may discover unforeseen damage that needs to be corrected. On a long day they can get the repair work done, without leaving a hole in your wall overnight.

Faster Drying

If any painting, sealing or trim work is required, it’s always important for things to dry properly. With the sun and heat of summer, things tend to dry pretty quickly.

Caulking and sealing in hot, dry conditions is a recipe for a good seal. While humidity and rain can still be factors, it is definitely helpful to know the window of time you need for drying is a bit smaller.

Maximize your air conditioner efficiency

While getting your home ready for the winter is one good reason for doing a summer window upgrade, do not forget the summer and fall months. If you get your windows in, you can then enjoy the warm weather of summer and fall.

New windows allow you to run the air conditioning less, as they are more energy-efficient. They may also let in more light and improve the views from your home. In the fall, you can open your windows to get some of that fine air into the house.

The sooner you upgrade your windows, the better it will be for your home.



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