7 Ways Upgrading Your Windows Can Save You Money in the Future

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Upgrading your windows is costly for sure but it is one of the best investments you can make in your home. New windows garner homeowners a return on their investment in short order. And when you sell your home upgrading your windows is often huge selling point, especially in the Quad Cities.

So what makes windows such a worthy investment? The payoff. Your windows begin saving you money literally upon installation and they continue to reduce your outgo for years to come. We’re going to take a look at seven ways upgrading your windows save you money in the future.

7 Ways Upgrading Your Windows Saves You Money

New window installation benefits homeowners in energy savings and more. But your old windows are costing your much more than is evident in your utility bills. Here’s how.

1. Energy Efficient Windows Provide Immediate Savings

Heat gain and heat loss is responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s because old windows wear out over time. Replacing your old windows and upgrading your windows to the most efficient ones you can afford results in immediate savings today and for the long haul. And your new windows last 20-30 years or more, with proper maintenance.

2. Upgrading Your Windows Saves Wear and Tear on Your Heating and Cooling System

HVAC systems that run continually just to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home may fail prematurely. Thee cost of repair of your HVAC can be high and replacing your air conditioner and/or furnace with a newer model is a very costly endeavor.

When you replace your old windows you allow your HVAC to operate as it is intended. Your heating and cooling won’t need to constantly work to maintain the temperature in your home. The savings aren’t only evident in your utility bills but also in the lifespan of your HVAC system.

3. The UV Protection of Your New Windows Extends the Life of Your Window Treatments, Flooring and Furniture

Even if your old windows had UV protection it’s probably degraded over time. UV rays take a toll on your window treatments not to mention your flooring and furnishings. Protect your home’s interior by upgrading your windows. Technology in UV protection has certainly advanced just in the last few years. Double-paned windows and the glass used to manufacture them are not just suited to keep the sun’s rays to a minimum. New windows also prevent the searing summertime-in-Iowa heat from entering your home and making you and your family uncomfortable.

4. Prevent Water Damage

Old windows leak, and that doesn’t just affect your energy efficiency. Besides air going in and out those leaks allow moisture to enter your home. Condensation builds and as the gaps widen rain and melted snow get into your window frame and eventually your walls. What begins as discoloration or peeling paint fast becomes mold, mildew and rot. Leaks in your old windows are capable of causing extensive damage to the substructures of your home. Repairs can be very expensive. Avoid leaks by replacing those old windows.

5. Get Improved Safety and Security with New Windows

Todays windows offer safety and security along with energy savings. Stronger glass and reinforced frames prevent easy access to your home by unwanted individuals. Break-ins are costly and are also at an all-time high. Prevent expensive damage to your property and more when you invest in replacement windows.

6. Minimize Your Maintenance by Upgrading Your Windows

Maintaining your old windows gets more expensive with each passing year. You must paint and possibly repair more frequently with the older models just to keep them looking their best. Maintenance is costing you valuable time. And if you hire someone to paint and repair for you it can get expensive. Bring down your overhead with new wood, fiberglass or premium vinyl windows. Upgrading your windows won’t only save you on maintenance now but depending on the type you select you could be maintenance-free for a long time.

7. Improve Your Home Value

New windows add the most bang for you buck when you sell your home. Not only does this home improvement provide curb appeal it’s one of the selling points new buyers look for what shopping for a home. Updated windows mean updated energy efficiency and that’s a positive detail in today’s real estate market.

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