Latest Color and Style Trends in New Entry Doors

Entry Door Trends

It’s always interesting to follow the latest color and style trends in home entry doors. When you’re looking for a new door, checking out some of the latest styles can definitely help you make up your mind.

Entry doors are often overlooked when people are designing their homes. In reality, the entry door is the focus of the house. It is what visitors first see on arrival and has a tremendous impact on curb appeal. The wrong door might send a message you don’t like and the correct one shows your personal style exactly the way you want.

At Quad City Windows, we know a thing or two about doors. Our design teams are on top of color and style trends. To help you find your best door style and color, here are a few of the latest trends and ideas.

A few of the key color and style trends in new entry doors are:

  • Big doors are booming
  • Dutch doors are coming back
  • Glass doors let in the light
  • Bold colors are a trend in entry doors
  • Natural wood is timeless


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Big doors are booming

It seems big is beautiful in entry door styles once more. The idea of throwing the doors open and welcoming visitors is making a comeback across the country.

Big doors often have a simple design and the size of the door can make a dramatic impact. Double doors are becoming particularly popular in large, new houses.

People once may have filled the entryway with a single door and side glass, but now it’s all door. Double doors let in the light and give you another view of the outside. In addition, technology and good design have made big doors secure and energy-efficient.

When looking to make an impact with your new entry doors, thinking big is the latest style.

Dutch doors are coming back

Dutch doors, despite their name, are very American. They are functional while gorgeous to look at, and easy to maintain. The Dutch door is ideal for the back entry door, and many people install them in the kitchen or utility room.

They are a simple design style, and you can paint them whatever color you choose. The lower door stays shut while you open the top half to allow in the fresh air. You can lean on the door and watch the kids play in the yard.

On a warm evening, the scents from the yard can fill the house while you relax over a late dinner.

Glass doors let in the light

If you have a dark interior hallway, your only option may be to turn on the lights during the day. How about installing a glass door, though, for a bright change?

All those panels will draw in the natural light and make your house a home.

Energy-efficient glass will do away with any heat loss in the winter or gains in the summer. By installing privacy glass, you can stop those nosey neighbors bothering you.

A big entry door full of glass will make a design statement.

Bold colors are a trend in entry doors

While the classic black or white will always be in style, there are options too.

This year the bold colors remain a popular trend in new entry door styles. Vivid blues are welcoming people on doorsteps. Strong reds are seen on many streets and are a nice contrast to other color options.

Greens and yellows are also popular colors for new entry doors to American homes.

Natural wood is a timeless option

The beauty of natural wood will never not be a popular color for entry doors. Wood can really make a door pop, even against the strongest of colors of the surrounding house.

You can mix natural wood with glass for a very tasteful entry door. A double door of wood and glass can be a centerpiece of the home.

The natural grain is beautiful to look at and to run your hands over.

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