3 Features to Look for in New Vinyl Windows

Eventually, there may come a time when it’s necessary to replace your home’s windows. If you’re interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, you may have heard of vinyl windows. If you choose to invest in vinyl windows, you should look for certain features to ensure you’re installing high-quality hardware. Read on to learn about the three features you should be looking for in new vinyl windows before you make an investment.

1. The Thickness

The first feature you need to consider is the thickness of the material. The window frame itself should be quite thick. A thick window frame is a durable window frame. The vinyl should also be quite thick since this determines the efficiency, durability, and strength of your windows. The vinyl for the windows is typically available in levels of thickness from .065 inches to .085 inches wide.

2. The Corners

The second feature you need to pay attention to is the corners of the windows. To ensure your windows last as long as possible, you should only consider windows with corners that have been welded together. You’ll come across windows with corners that have been joined by installing brackets and screws. This method isn’t as durable as welding because the seals break down quickly and will need to be replaced. As far as utilizing welded windows, make sure that the seam has been made with a level of precision so high that you can’t even see where the pieces are joined.

3. The Energy Ratings

The third thing you should consider when looking at windows is the energy rating. Vinyl window units use a special coating that covers the glass. According to The Good Men Project, windows manufactured with this specialized coating reduce the loss of energy by 30% to 50%. Check to see if the windows that you’re considering have been tested and received a good energy rating. The ratings should indicate how energy efficient the windows are in your home.

When looking for new vinyl windows, you want to prioritize high energy ratings, welded corners, and thick materials. You can use this information to discuss various vinyl window options with your window contractors. If you’re considering new windows, reach out to us today at Seiffert Window Center for more information.


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