Housing Trends That Are Shaping Window Designs

Window Design Trends

Our window and door showroom has been gradually changing to emphasize more modern, contemporary styles.  That’s simply the direction housing trends have been heading in the Quad City area.  Homeowners want sleeker and cleaner looks for both the home interior and exterior.  Furthermore, they want the design of the exterior and interior to flow together smoothly.  Consequently, bringing the outside in and creating wide-open spaces are hugely popular right now.  These style preferences have had a major impact on the window design trends by manufacturers.

Patio Window Designs

A very popular design trend right now is the growth of large-scale, sliding patio windows.  It’s amazing how large these windows are made while remaining strong and functional.  Large sliding windows create an atmosphere where a living room and a patio feel like seamless extensions of each other.  The sleek, clean designs also ensure that no bulky frames are there to obstruct views or the abundance of natural light that can enter the home.

Round and Arched Windows

Another popular trend is to put some curve into your window designs. Arch-top windows and round accent windows above entryways are becoming increasingly popular in new housing trends.  These types of windows offer a little different style and finish than standard rectangular windows.  In addition to adding more natural light into the household, these windows introduce a sleek, elegant style that can provide a subtle accent to your home.

Window Trims and Colors

Another design component that can easily be overlooked is the window trim.  While an accent window has the ability to make a statement of its own, the trim can have just as great of an impact. Contrasting color schemes between the home exterior and the window trim can cause features to pop with dramatic effect. For a more subtle approach, smooth color transitions with little or no color variation from the rest of the home can provide a more uniform look.

We’re seeing increased color trends of black, dark blues and browns with new home builds.  With darker color schemes like this, a crisp white or light colored trim can allow you to highlight a feature window.  Alternatively, trim colors more consistent with the darker color schemes can cause the windows to become almost invisible. These subtle color schemes combined with the smaller trims and frames are just one more extension of the design trends toward blending the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.


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