Why You Should Replace Your Windows And Frames Together

Full Window Replacement

When it comes to window replacement, there’s always the question of if you should do full frame or window replacement inserts? If the frames look okay, you might wonder why you might need to replace them. The same is true of your windows. If they seem to be working, why get rid of them?

The truth is that it is generally better to replace your windows and frames together. You may look at the window and think all is fine, but a couple of years down the line you may find out you made a mistake.

Why is it advisable to replace your windows and frames together? Here are a few good points may help you make up your mind.

  • Improvements in the window and frames technology
  • Window style and frame may not match
  • Complete the work all at once
  • Keep future costs under control
  • Damage can be a hidden problem


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Improvements in window and frame technology

This is a simple point, but one you may easily miss. Most often you are replacing windows that have been in place since the home was built. Like anything else, there have been significant improvements in window technology in recent times.

By going with a window replacement insert, you may not get the full benefit of modern window technology. These include things like reduced maintenance, greater strength and better energy efficiency.

Window style and frames may not match

If you use replacement inserts, you may find that they don’t match the style of your old frames as well as you might like. You might also see some variation in color due to age and weather fading.

While it will cost extra, a full frame replacement has the advantage of the same age, style and color.

Complete the work all at once

Replacing your home windows cane be a fairly large and disruptive project. You will have contractors on site, and the work may take a few days.

By using window replacement inserts, you may be forced to draw the work out into more than one project. Additional painting, finishing and sealing may be required to bring the frames up to standard with the new window inserts.

With this in mind, full frame replacement starts to makes more sense.

Keep future costs under control

Take a look at the costs of using replacement window inserts. When you do, take another look at the costs of doing a full frame replacement. The price difference may not be that much and it may help you avoid additional future costs. Depending on your situation, doing both at the same time makes a lot of sense.

If you need help getting an estimate, you can always use our free consultation service to help you get a firm idea on potential costs up front. If you just want a rough idea, you can also use our Window Replacement Calculator.

Damage can be a hidden problem

This is really the biggest and best reason to do a full frame replacement. If your windows are in need of replacement, there’s a very high likelihood that there’s some damage hidden in your walls. It may be limited but it can cause a lot of problems with water and mold in your walls.

When you replace the entire window, it allows you to open up the wall and see everything around the old windows. This way, if any damage is present, it can be identified and corrected right during the job and won’t leave you with another problem down the road.




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