Tips For Using Windows To Block Outside Noise

Noise Cancelling Windows

Windows can be a big help in the blocking of outside noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood you know about the disruption from trucks, cars, and construction. For those living close to a busy highway or even a local school, constant noise can be a part of your daily life.

When we look at the problem of outside noise, we also see solutions. Windows have long played a part in noise reduction plans. Modern window technology can make excessive outside noise a thing of the past.

Included on any list of tips for using windows to block outside noise is:

  • Always go for at least double-glazed windows
  • Installing soundproof windows is an option
  • Stay on top of the maintenance of your windows.
  • It’s curtain time for outside noise
  • Grow a few trees to keep the noise outside


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always go for at least double-glazed windows

Double glazed windows increase the thermal efficiency of your home and reduce utility bills. They can also significantly reduce outside noise.

The two layers of glass and the pocket of trapped gas between them can significantly reduce outside noise. Often people say they still want to hear the birds sing, and with the right double-glazed windows, you will get the dawn chorus.

If the problem is particularly severe, go for triple-glazed or even soundproof windows.

Installing soundproof windows is an option

If the outside noise is becoming unbearable and ruining your home life, then take a look at soundproof windows. These are windows made of the same quality as other thermal efficient ones but that use reinforced glass.

With soundproof windows, the manufacturer uses laminated glass cut to thicker dimensions than standard panes. The gap between the glass panes in the sealed unit is wider than usual double glazing, giving more of a barrier to deflect the outside noise.

Well-made soundproof windows can reduce outside noise by up to 90%, a difference you will measure in silence and nights of good sleep.

Stay on top of the maintenance of your windows

Often outside noise can leak into your home. The leaks can occur around the window frames, through old glass or low-quality windows, poorly installed.

Always invest in high-quality windows and always, always use a professional installer. The money you spend today on the right windows will pay you back for many years of peace and low utility bills.

Maintenance of your windows for noise reduction includes sealing any gaps that open up around the frames’ edge. You should also check that the windows close properly and the seals are not wearing away over time. Double-glazed windows sometimes leak gas, which increases outside noise and takes away the heat from your home.

Using a professional maintenance company ensures the best people are looking after your windows.

It’s curtain time for outside noise

If your outside noise problem is more of a nighttime one, then look at soundproofing curtains. Usually of high-quality material, these heavy curtains combine with double-glazed windows to keep the noise on the outside.

You can choose from a range of designs or get the curtains made especially for your home.

An excellent benefit of quality curtains is the extra layer of insulation over the windows. Your curtains will save you money while reducing any outside noise.

Grow a few trees to keep the noise outside

It may seem odd to tell you to grow trees when talking about windows, but it is a good idea. Trees can act as a barrier to outside noise. They may take a couple of years to grow, but fast-growing trees can build a soundproof barrier very quickly.

Trees can also block out any unwanted views from your home.

That picture wall you always wanted will only be improved by adding a line of noise-reducing trees.



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