Things to Consider When Choosing a Contractor

Window Contractor

Choosing a contractor is a vital part of any door or window installation. The same is true of doing repair work, inspections, and any annual maintenance tasks.  You do not choose any old contractor, though, for your home or business.

Getting the right contractor will save you money, time, and trouble. At Quad City Windows we know how important it is to choose the right contractor.

Knowing what you are looking for in the contractor will help you with the decision making. Here’s our short list of things to consider when choosing a contractor are:

  • Are they qualified contractors?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Ask for past project referrals
  • Let us help

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Are they qualified contractors?

It may seem an obvious question, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just because a firm of contractors can build walls does not mean they know how to install doors and windows. There are different skills in installing windows, and you need them to do a good job.

A qualified contractor is often trained by the company which designs, makes and sells the windows and doors. They have probably been in business for a while and have a portfolio of completed projects they can talk about. Don’t be afraid to ask basic questions and to get some referrals from past projects.

Make sure they are licensed and insured

A specific license isn’t always a requirement but many of the more experienced contractors will have them to demonstrate proficiency and experience. It’s a good indication of experience and dedication to their craft to have applicable licensing.

When it comes to insurance, this is a must. You need to know you’ll be protected in the event of damage to your property or any job-site accidents.

Past project referrals

Every experienced contractor will have a list of past satisfied clients. Another good indicator is a portfolio of photos from completed projects. Ask for testimonials and talk to one or two of their customers if possible.

In many cases, you can check out the social media accounts of potential contractors and do some homework in advance. Online reviews and ratings are a great way to get an idea of both the number of projects they’ve done and gauge customer satisfaction.

Let us help you

This will be your best and easiest solution. We have a number of licensed and experienced contractors that we work with all the time. We can both give you great referrals and help you make the connection with contractors that do projects just like yours.

Best of all, we can help simplify your project by working with our experienced contractor partner to make sure you get the right products for your project on time and on-site.


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