Special Shapes and Styles That Make a Statement With Your Windows

Marvin Round Windows

Thanks to modern window technology and engineering, windows can come in all shapes and sizes.  Your house doesn’t need to be just like every other run-of-the-mill home on the street.  As with any other area of home customization, there are some trends to consider when deciding which windows to plan into your home design.

Popular home designs have been leaning more toward softer edges and smooth transitions.  Current home design trends feature many people choosing cleaner edges for interior design features such as counter tops and built-in sink transitions. Those trends are increasingly being applied to the exterior of a home as well.  Many of the top choices for accent windows right now are circular windows and arch top windows as homeowners move away from defined edges and squared corners.

Arch top windows are particularly breathtaking on brick houses where the brick already follows an arch pattern over the doorway and you want your windows to blend well with the rest of the structure.  Since the entryway is the highlight on the front side of most homes, a grand circular window above the doorway can also make a strong statement.  Since large windows are both attention grabbers and let in significant natural light, it’s really a design choice with a couple major benefits.

The front isn’t the only place to take advantage of specialty windows in your design.  Other unique applications have included things like one foot round windows on the outside of a staircase.  The overall effect was somewhat like portholes on a ship and very dramatic. The windows weren’t large enough to provide much of a view, but they made a stunning visual statement as you climbed the stairs.  This was an intentional nod toward form over function and a very unique design feature.

When choosing a specialty window, there are a few contributing factors to keep in mind. Maintenance will be about the same so there are no drawbacks in that regard.  Producing and installing custom windows, though, can increase the timeline of a project relative to using a basic square and rectangular windows.  Finally, don’t lose sight of your long term design goals.  Choosing a specialty window is choosing a feature that you can look at 10 years from now and point to with pride when showing off your home so make sure your choices will stand the test of time.


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