Sliding Door Concepts to Open Up Living Spaces

These days, people are doing some really cool remodeling projects with their homes.  Some of the most popular trends include open concepts and ways to make rooms larger and more spacious. Today we’re going to talk about ways you can use beautiful sliding and scenic doors to help you take open concept ideas to the next level.

Outside Scenic Door Transitions

Scenic doors have been developed to the point where it seems like the outdoors is simply an extension of your home. For example, let’s say you wanted to have more space for hosting a party. The area of your living room may be decent for a small gathering or perhaps you have a large patio off the back of your house.   With a traditional wall and single swinging door, these two areas are separate and divided.  Imagine being able to create a large opening space that flows between the two areas.  Your party could flow from inside the living room to outside on the patio with a smooth transition.

Marvin sliding doors have the ability to run the length of your wall while maintaining functionality, energy efficiency, and style.  Depending on the length of the space you’re looking to open, the doors can simply include more or fewer panels that collapse over each other and slide into the wall when opened.

What if you have a great view but no patio?  A sliding door still opens up the room visually even when it’s closed.  It can act as a picturesque window that connects nature to your living room.  You don’t even need to hinder your view of the scenery with bulky window frames.  Sliding doors are seamless and make the open air feel like it’s in the room with you.

Scenic Interior Door Concepts

These doors aren’t limited to placement on only exterior walls.  Many homes already have smaller scale sliding doors between dining areas and kitchens as well as in other parts of the house.  The concept works just as well to open up interior spaces if you’re looking to blend the rooms together when the doors are open.

Another great time to incorporate large sliding doors on the interior of your house is when you have a four seasons room or sunroom.  These mostly window enclosed rooms enable homeowners to enjoy the outdoor beauty without having to venture outside while sharing plenty of natural light.  Unfortunately, these rooms aren’t always built with insulation in mind so often tend to be closed off during extremely hot or cold weather.  Rather than limiting access to the gorgeous view during temperature extremes, using a sliding scenic door allows you to enjoy the scenic view year round without the negative impact to your heating and cooling bills.



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