Need To Replace Some Windows – Do This First

Replacement Windows

Have your windows gotten a bit tired and old looking? Maybe they are not closing properly or letting in cold air when the wind blows? Window frames shrink, split and wear away in spots over the long years of their life. Regardless of how it happens, we all need to replace some windows from time to time. Of course the first question many of our clients ask: “How much will it cost to replace the windows?”

Our quick answer is to say that it all depends on a few variables. While this may sound a bit evasive, when we go on to explain the variables and how they can affect cost it becomes clear that this is really the only accurate answer. A nice little tool we have to help with understanding some of these variables is our Window Replacement Calculator.

It works by covering areas such as:

  • Replacing the window style
  • Material type
  • Number of windows to change out
  • Total cost to replace the windows
  • Normal average costs
  • Always get a full, detailed quote

Let’s take a closer look at each point.


Replacing the Window Style

This is a crucial factor in the cost of your replacement windows. You may decide to go with the existing style and do a straight swap. We say to clients that when replacing the windows, it may be a good time to go for a change of style. Changing to a different style does not necessarily mean extra cost and maybe in some cases could save you money.

Take a look at our range of window styles. It may surprise up how much you can change the look of your home by updating the window style.


Window Material

This is an area where a change may save you money, and continue to do so over time. If you have an older house, or maybe the windows predate you purchasing the home, then the windows will need replacing. The window material may need looking at too. By changing to to a more durable material you could make the home more energy-efficient, thus saving money on utility bills. Sometimes clients want to go back to a more traditional look, and clad wood is a popular choice.

By using our Window Replacement Calculator, you can vary the material type and budget accordingly.


Number of Windows to Replace

You may not need to replace all your windows or, if you do, possibly not all at once. It’s not uncommon for people to break up their window replacement projects into two phases such as front and then back or downstairs and then upstairs. Breaking up the project into two different seasons can let you get the windows you want while still not breaking the budget.

Enter the number of windows you want to change out, and vary with the material type. You can calculate the cost of doing the work, including the style you like. Take a look at replacing the awning windows but in fiberglass maybe. Alternatively see how much those double-hung windows to the front, in clad wood, will cost compared to vinyl.

By budgeting properly, you can make the best choice for your home when replacing those old windows.


Total Cost to Replace all Windows

Now we are getting to the vital piece of the window replacement window jigsaw — the total cost of the project.

Play around with the Window Replacement Calculator and do a quick tally of what your total costs will be. You should have a budget in mind, and by tweaking the variables, you can come close to matching what you want to spend.

Remember this is not a formal quote. Our calculator should give you a pretty good idea of the cost of full window replacement but it is not specific to your home or needs.


Average Window Replacement Costs

You should keep in mind that our Windows Replacement Calculator is a helpful tool and is going to be pretty close on most estimates. Depending on the age and condition of your home, and your specific project needs, it could vary either high or low.

The calculator only gives an estimate on costs, not a fixed final one for replacing your windows. While the total does include installation, again it is only an estimate on what the work may cost. We cannot tell until we visit your home. The calculator also only covers standard window replacement. It does not go into feature changes, any size differentials or if you are going for colors outside of the standard ones.

The Windows Replacement Calculator is a useful guide, but it is only designed to help you get a good idea of costs.


Get a Detailed Quote

For an accurate and detailed quote, all you need to do is give us a call. Our team can consult with you directly, visit your home and advise you what is best for each room. Only by seeing what the job involves can we give you our best, accurate price for the work. We’re also happy to work directly with your preferred contractors or recommend some good ones.








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