The Technology Behind Your New Window Choice

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Are you thinking of choosing new windows for your home? Maybe you’re planning to change the look of a favorite room? Learning about recent innovations in window construction may help you make up your mind on window selection.

At Quad City Windows we have plenty of window choices and can walk you through how advances in window technology may influence your decision. Manufacturing improvements happen all the time in the window industry and it can be hard to stay current with some of the new features. Understanding some of the modernization trends in windows can help you make the right decision when the time comes.

Before you get started on your window project, here’s a little primer for those looking to know more about some of the more relevant technology behind new windows.

Here are some of the key areas of advancement you’ll want to consider:

  • Energy efficiency is improving all the time
  • Different frame materials have different benefits
  • Modern windows come in a variety of styles


Let’s take a closer look at each point on our list.

Energy efficiency is improving all the time

In the not so distant past, your windows were much less effective at sealing air flow in or out. Even in the summertime the windows would not keep a room fresh, allowing UV rays and hot air through the glass.

Today the technology is much improved, and your windows will keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when looking at your window’s energy efficiency:

The U-Factor: This is a measurement of how well a window limits heat transfer. The rating indicates how much heat will transfer through the glass, from inside to outside the room. A low score indicates low heat transfer.

Solar Heat Gain (SHG): An important one for the summertime. You do not want the room to get too hot from the summer sun and have to run the AC at a high setting. SHG tells you how much solar heat the glass can keep out. A low number indicates a lower amount of solar heat transfer through the glass.

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT): Depending on where you live, VLT should be selected based on the amount of sunlight you normally experience. The VLT tells you how much light will get through, while blocking the heat gain of the sun’s rays. In an area with lots of winter, you should look for a high VLT number. In the Quad City area, we deal with extremes of warm and cold so some combination of high and low VLT windows would be optimal.

Always look for these indicators when choosing your windows.

What window frame material should you choose?

The window frame is vital when making your choice of windows for the home. At Quad City Windows we sell mostly three types of framing materials, and each one has its advantages.

Vinyl frames: The advantages of vinyl frames are low maintenance and pricing. They also have excellent energy efficiency. The drawbacks of vinyl include a shorter lifespan, it is not as durable as other options, and has a high rate of expansion and contraction.

Fiberglass window frames: Among the many advantages of fiberglass are low expansion and contraction, narrow frames, high energy efficiency, plenty of color options and material durability. Disadvantages include higher pricing and fewer style options than the clad wood.

Clad wood frames: Very high thermal performance, high structural durability, and extensive features are among the pluses of this popular window choice. The disadvantages are only higher pricing and that the delivery time on an order may take longer than other materials.

Modern windows come in a wide variety of styles

Once upon a time, you did not get much choice in window styles. You ordered the windows and the contractor installed them. Modern technology widens the choice way beyond what was once available.

The innovation in materials gives you windows to suit any taste and design plan, without compromising on quality. All window styles, such as bay, awning, casement, and sliding, are made to order in the frame material you want, the color you like and the style to suit your home.

Modern technology gives you more choices.

Your best bet is to see the choices

Reading about the different window options is one thing, but you get a much better idea by seeing and touching the different options. We have an assortment of different brands, styles and materials right here in our Quad City showroom. Stop by and see them and we can answer any questions you might have to help you through the process.





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