How to Refinish Your Fiberglass Entry Door

Refinish Your Fiberglass Entry Door

Your fiberglass entry door  may need refinishing after a few years of bad weather. Refinishing your fiberglass front door is not a big job and will only add curb appeal to the home.

Caring for and refinishing your fiberglass door need not take much of your time. Often a regular clean will keep it looking fresh and welcoming. You can do a refinish project on the entry door when you think the house needs a bit of a facelift. A few helpful hints may get you thinking and down to work this weekend.

Included on any list of tips for refinishing your fiberglass entry door is:

  • Remove the door from the hinges
  • Clean it but do not sand a fiberglass door
  • Always start with a primer
  • Paint the fiberglass door when ready
  • Do not forget the surrounds


Let’s dig into the details of each point.

Remove the door from the hinges

This is the best way to ensure you get all the surface refinished, but it may not suit everyone. If you cannot remove the door, then leave it in place or ask a handyman. You will need an area to lay the door while working too.

Lay the door flat on a well-supported stand, which gives you easy access.

If you cannot remove the door, use painters tape to cover any areas you do not wish to paint.

Clean it but do not sand a fiberglass door

Do not sand fiberglass. It is a simple rule and one you must follow.

What you must do is clean the entry door thoroughly before painting. It is a good idea to check with the manufacturer about what product to use. Some will provide a specific cleaning solution for their doors. A solution of vinegar and warm water often works well and will not damage the surface.

Leave the door to dry fully before starting the work.

Start with a primer

Even if you wish to keep the same color on the fiberglass entry door, you should prime it first. The chances are that the original color may affect your new paint choice. A primer can also help fill any scratches on the paint surface.

If you are using a different color, you may need two coats of primer.

When the manufacturer recommends a stripper, then use it strictly as the handbook tells you. Afterward, use two coats of primer to give you a surface ready for painting.

Leave the primer to dry before painting.

Paint the fiberglass entry door when ready

When the door is clean and the primer fully dry, get ready to paint.

Choose a color you like and maybe paint a sample on a corner. If you don’t like the color choose another. Use exterior paint or stain as recommended by the door manufacturer. If possible, buy a paint or stain they recommend or sell. If not, tell your paint supplier what you are working on and buy the best quality product.

Use a narrow brush around the windows and along the edges of the door. A roller for the panels can quicken the work. Apply two thin coats, leaving each one dry completely before deciding the door is ready.

Do not forget the surrounds

No point in refinishing the entry door and not doing the surrounding area.

Clean, prime, and paint the frame and entry area.

When all is looking like new, replace the entry door.


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