Environmental Impact on Your Windows and Doors

Environmental Impact on Windows

Your windows and doors suffer from environmental impact much like other parts of your home. All of that rain, snow, ice, and high temperatures can do damage. A big problem for homeowners is what the lifetime of exposure will cost them in repairs, replacements, and higher utility bills.

Knowing of the environmental impact on your doors and windows may help you choose the best ones for your home. If you know what can happen from adverse weather, then you can avoid products that can be more likely to suffer from the weather. Finding the correct doors and windows for your home makes economic sense.

Major factors for damage from environmental impact on your windows and doors includes:

  • Moisture loves doing damage to windows and doors
  • Cold temperatures work away in silence
  • Warm air is a factor too
  • Age catches up with all windows and doors
  • Low-quality products and installation will not help


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Moisture loves doing damage to windows and doors

Water will find its way in anywhere and this is especially true with window and door openings.

Rain can come down in heavy sheets of water or be blown by strong winds against your home. However it comes down, the constant battering can do damage. Raindrops will find any weakness and work away at your doors and windows. The damage can be rotting frames, weak joints, and holes in the structure.

When moisture combines with cold temperatures, you will have even more problems.

Cold temperatures work away in silence

It may be a lovely, still, cold night outside, but the freezing temperatures will be hard at work.

Any moisture such as rain or snow can soak into trim and frames and get into any holes around it. The cold air at night will cause the water to freeze and expand. The rise in temperatures come morning will melt the water, but the process will start again at night.

The expansion and contraction over the winter will spring leaks, cause cracks, and even pull a frame away from the wall.

Warm air is a factor too

If you live in a dry climate, or one with very hot summers, you may already know about warm air problems.

The heat dries out the windows, doors and surrounding trim, causing the wood to flake and crack. The dry air can also do damage to the glue around double glazed windows and door frames. When the glue dries out and the seals deteriorate, you will have major problems with any wind and rain in the fall. Very high temperatures can also cause frames to warp and lose their shape.

We all love a warm summer, but our doors and windows will need protection.

Age catches up with all windows and doors

All home materials have a lifespan.

Unfortunately the constant exposure to environmental impact can reduce the life expectancy of your doors and windows. The need for annual maintenance varies by material type, but it can reduce the damage to your investment.

Winters of cold temperatures, high winds, and constant rain or snow will damage the doors, windows, and frames. Summers of hot air and dry heat will crack and warp the fittings.

Many years of environmental attacks will take their toll.

Low-quality products and installation will not help

We often hear people saying they got a great bargain on their windows and doors. Also, homeowners might say they used a contractor who saved them many dollars on installation.

Short term gain may cause long term problems and that free installation can be very costly.

Cheaper products will not make it through many cold winters or hot summers. You will soon see cracks, splits, and peeling doors and windows in just a few years. Poorly installed windows and doors will sag, warp, and leak long before you expect them to.

Always install quality windows and doors, and have them installed by qualified professionals.



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