5 Ways to Get the Most Value with Your Windows

Budget Windows

We should all look to get more from our windows. They are a long-term investment and a vital part of your home.  They’re also a fairly large component of the cost of building, remodeling or replacement projects. This means they’re an area where a little extra time shopping can be time well spent.

We would emphasize, though, that value isn’t the same as price. There are a number of ways to get more bang for your buck and none of them involve finding the cheapest option.

Among the ways to get more from your windows for less are:

  • Do not shop for windows on price alone
  • A premium look may not cost a premium
  • Consider short and long term value
  • Examine the pros and cons
  • Opt for a professional install


Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Shop for Features Rather than Price

Depending on your project, the most expensive windows may not be the best. Cost is often a function of brand name and available features and options. You may be able to get quality that’s more suitable for your needs without buying the most expensive options.

It’s important to consider styles, materials, size and even where the windows will go in your home. Price is not always a guide to quality or suitability. If your needs are fairly standard and you don’t need a lot of customization, you may find that a quality line with fewer custom options can get you a lot of value without breaking the bank.

It is very possible to get a lot more from your windows, by spending less on the right ones.

Get a Premium Look Regardless of Price

Getting more from your windows does not always refer to what you spend. Regardless of your preferred window material, shopping for quality and features rather than just a brand name can help to ensure you get a quality look and performance.

The shape, look, colors and window type can have a major impact on the premium look of your windows. It’s quite possible for you to get a better looking, longer lasting window product by going with a high quality manufacturer who may not be quite as well known but offers superior products and features. This is one of the reasons we offer a variety of lines for you to compare.

Short vs. Long-Term Value

The more expensive windows in the short-term may save you money over time. The most energy efficient windows will save money in utility bills, but it may take you a while to get your return. The lower end windows may do the job, but they might cost you money on resale.

It really comes down to your specific goals in a replacement project. Depending on your needs, the best value could be at any point of the cost spectrum. Basic sticker prices don’t always reflect the options you may need, and the longevity  and warranty on different lines may be an important part of your decision.

Examine the Pros and Cons

Depending on your needs, you may find that it’s more costly to get certain features on a lower end model than it is to just upgrade to a higher end model. Vinyl frames have good thermal performance, while at the lower end of the cost scale. Fiberglass frames also have good thermal performance, but they are also very durable. The cost of fiberglass is more than that of vinyl but they also come with additional features. On the higher end of the cost scale are wood clad windows. The benefits of wood clad can outweigh the costs, especially when you may be looking for special colors or features or to match an existing style.

You can get a feel for some of the differences by taking a look at the Window Frame Pros and Cons page where we explain the benefits of each material type. Our Window Project Calculator can also help guide you through some estimated cost comparisons and let you see what is possible.

Get a Professional Installation

When you go to the expense and the trouble of replacing your windows, do not skip the professional install. Poorly installed windows not only compromise your efficiency, they can also allow for damage to occur beyond just your windows. Higher energy bill may be just the beginning, and the best windows in the world are not going to perform up to their specifications with a poor install.









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