Why Should You Consider Vinyl Windows?

With more than thirty years in the market, vinyl windows have long been considered a viable option for many homeowners for both new construction and replacement windows. Now the most popular type of window, vinyl offers very good value while providing a low maintenance and highly durable window option. Following are a few of the key reasons why you’ll want to consider our ViWinTech line of vinyl windows and doors.


At the end of the day, you need window and door products that fit your budget and not all budgets are the same size. We searched long and hard to find a line of vinyl windows and doors that we felt were both high quality and affordable enough to get behind. The ViWinTech line is the best we’ve handled and we can sell it with confidence.

Low Maintenance

Of course it’s vinyl so you know you won’t need paint or stain for years of beauty with no peeling, cracking or fading. Beyond that, ViWinTech brings constant force coil balances designed for years of smooth, easy sash operation that never needs adjustment. It’s the best example we could find of the low maintenance vinyl reputation.

Durable & Long Lasting

When it comes to vinyl you expect to get value but this kind of durability is a little unexpected. With fully welded frames and sash corners, ViWinTech features some of the most durable vinyl window and door products on the market. Plus the heavy duty frame and sash weather stripping means years of maintenance free protection for your home.

Surprising Variety

When you think value you don’t usually expect to get so many options. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes and color options, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the many choices you have to choose from for your ViWinTech windows and doors. As a matter of fact, we’re counting on it.


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